Tyre molds development

When a new tyre is being developed, one of most important aspects would be the right choice of equipment that will guarantee the good quality and no visual defects of tyres being produced. Nowadays our engineers cooperate with top five factories in China and Europe to develop molds. Factories have different equipment and mold production technology resources. These differences allow company specialists to make an optimal choice if a factory to manufacture the equipment. Engineers, who develop future tyre drawings also work in different countries and use their specific skills for tyres to meet the market requirements and local climate conditions.

Ready drawings are being confirmed with the future tyre manufacturer, who can improve them for perfect fitting of the future molds to the curing machines that will be used. After that the drawings are being forwarded to a mold factory, defined in advance.

3D modeling. The modern equipment for 3D modeling allows the factory to manufacture even most complicated elements of tread patterns. All our partners use Italoan, German and Japanese origin modeling machines. Nevertheless, when producing the the mold part billets and when tread segments of future molds are being casted in low pressure, a high tech 3D measuring control is obligatory for every stage of production. All dimentions are measured with modern laser and 3D measuring robotic machines.

Thus in mold production, actually every modern metal treatment technology is used: vacuum casting, programmed milling, acid treatment, laser cutting and others. But the most valuable resourses for mold development and production are of course the experience and skills of engineers, technology specialists and production masters, who work on our projects.