Chemical industry scientific research

Tyre Technology Co. carries out successful research work in the sphere of rubber chemical industry. More than 30 types of natural and synthetic rubber are used in tyre industry and every type has it’s own specifics.

Tyre basic parameters are safety, reliability, ecological safety and improver lifetime. These characteristics were achieved thanks to a number of scientific researches that made it possible for Canadian tyre specialist to move to a more advanced level of production technology. Rubber mixture recipe improvements for elastomer compounds. Raw compounds properties collation with ready product properties.

Development of express-methods for ready products quality control. Deremnining the optimal parameters of a given technological process

Prognostication and control of recipe compounds and rubber technical properties, based on modeling and improvement of basic technological process, taking place in real chemical and technological systems for elastomer operations, taken on all stages of production. Submitting practical recommendations to improve the production effectiveness. These recommendations result from the fresh theoretical understanding of the rubber mixing, molding and curing of tyres and consider the physical and chemical process and phenomena, chemical interaction of the components in elastomer compositions.

Technological optimization in rubber mixture production modes for semi-manufactured and completely manufactured articles. It is performed on the basis of complex tests taking place in laboratory and regular production conditions. Development of modern technology for raw material analysis and final product tests, introduction of advanced technology processing and equipment. Rubber properties improvement (especially for the neighboring layers of polymers in multilayer elastomeric matrix); Choice of optimal rubber combination for every tyre construction element. Development of new filler materials and their dispersion methods. Improvement of rubber wear resistance through developing new technology of higher molecular weight rubber and research of curing and stabilysing systems that would provide the least destruction of molecular chains in the process of production and usage of rubber mixture articles. Research of rheological behavior of rubber mixtures while being produced and treated.

After a tyre comes from a mold after curing it will pass the X-ray check for defects in rubber distribution.